Customer review

Thomas Pachecho - Compliance OfficerWhite River Apache Tribal Utility Authority
Current Southwest helps maintain our wells, lift stations and water treatment facility. They have played a huge role in improving our reliability for our electrical, instrumentation and control systems.
Scott Haines - Controls EngineerPima County
We have had the privilege of having Current Southwest install and maintain instrumentation and control systems for a number of years. Their work is first-class. The owner is honest and ethical, a real pleasure to deal with.
Bruce Logue - Senior Vice President of EngineeringDimensional Energy
My introduction to Danny Brewer through a referral from a senior instrumentation supply representative turned out to be a game-changer. Danny's mastery in troubleshooting and installing electrical equipment and industrial instrumentation is unmatched. His rapid problem-solving and effective solutions underscore his expertise. Danny's precision shines through in his methodical approach to electrical system and industrial instrumentation installation. His keen eye for detail and high-quality workmanship ensured flawless setups that maximized efficiency and accuracy. His grasp of calibration and loop tuning takes the precision of these systems to an exceptional level. What truly distinguishes Danny is his dedication to troubleshooting. He not only is quick to respond and addresses surface-level issues but dives deep to unearth root causes, showcasing his thoroughness and analytical skills.
Shanon Webster - General Manager Bray Controls SouthwestBray Controls Southwest
Danny Brewer and his team have worked for us on a few occasions and have always done an outstanding job. Danny and his team are professional, knowledgeable and get the job done in a timely manner. We have the confidence to refer Current Southwest to our customers when they have needs. In fact, one our customers went out of their way to thank us for the referral and said they never would have gotten their project completed on time without Current Southwest